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Connecting Guests to Local Communities While Strengthening Brand Loyalty

ConciTV is not just a platform but a visionary force, shaping 
unforgettable experiences and forging enduring connections

In a world where every glance counts, Conci Screens offer more than just visual appeal—they serve as powerful storytellers, engaging audiences with captivating content that leaves a lasting impression.

The Conci 

43” Vertical Screen

Commercial Grade

Flush Mount



We strategically place our screens in the area with the highest foot traffic of each site, giving each guest the opportunity to view a combination of amenities and perks that hotel has to offer – along with the taste of nearby local attractions, eateries, service providers and more while helping local economies to thrive.


Guests will experience interactive, visual content while using their smartphones to connect through QR codes, leading them anywhere from signing up as a loyalty member with the hotel brand or leaving a review on their way out. The Conci Screen can also direct guests to local restaurants, venues, and nearby attractions, while also giving them ability to purchase tickets on demand . . . and so much more.

How it Works

Discovering the magic behind ConciTV is simple with our streamlined process. From seamless content integration to 
real-time updates, our platform is designed to make the experience effortless for both our clients and our partners.

Our platform also provides access for each property manager to tailor specific content to be displayed, for example: addressing group-stays in real time to create an intimate experience for those who stay with us.

Content Creation and Submission

Clients begin by creating visually appealing content that aligns with their brand or local business. Through our user-friendly portal, they submit their content, ensuring a seamless process from concept to display.

Approval Process

ConciTV empowers clients to reach their desired audience effectively. With our targeted scheduling options, businesses can tailor how often and where their ads appear, maximizing their impact and engagement.

Dynamic Display on Vertical Screens

Once approved, the curated content is dynamically displayed on Conci Screens strategically placed in hotel lobbies. Serving as captivating visual mediums, capturing the attention of guests and enhancing their overall experience.

Real-Time Updates and Analytics

Our platform offers real-time update capabilities, ensuring that information is always current and relevant. Clients can monitor the performance of their ads through detailed analytics, providing valuable insights into audience engagement.

Enhanced Guest Experience

For hotels, ConciTV transforms the guest experience by providing a curated guide to the hotel brand, local attractions, dining, and events. Guests enjoy an enriched stay, while hotels benefit from increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Technical Support and Assistance

Our dedicated technical support team is available to assist with any inquiries or issues. We prioritize ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both advertisers and hotel partners.

Our Story

ConciTV emerged from the collective vision of three seasoned hoteliers who recognized the need for enhanced guest engagement both on the hotel property and within the local community. The founders identified a recurring inquiry from their guests: "What is there to do around here?"

Immersed in the daily operations of hospitality, these hoteliers identified an opportunity to create a sophisticated visual communication platform that seamlessly delivers the information guests seek.

Our founders understand the importance of providing a comprehensive answer to the perpetual question about local dining options, personal services, attractions and much more - ConciTV was conceived as a solution to this recurring guest query, offering a dynamic and visually engaging platform to showcase the myriad experiences awaiting them along with providing a visual connection and awareness to the brand itself.

Our Mission


“Connecting our guests with local communities while strengthening brand loyalty”

At ConciTV, our mission is to seamlessly bridge the gap between our guests and local communities, all while fostering and reinforcing brand loyalty. We are driven by a commitment to enhance the overall guest experience by providing a unique and immersive connection to the vibrant tapestry of the surrounding community.

Through our innovative visual communication platform, we aim to go beyond conventional guest services. We aspire to be the catalyst that not only informs guests about local attractions, dining options, and cultural events but also fosters a genuine sense of connection and engagement with the communities they visit.

In parallel, our mission extends to fortifying brand loyalty for our partner hotels. By leveraging ConciTV, we empower these establishments to create a lasting impression, offering a valuable service that enhances brand identity and strengthens the bond with their guests and patrons.

Our Vision


We envision redefining the landscape of guest engagement and brand connectivity within the hospitality industry. Our foresight is centered on creating a dynamic and interactive platform that seamlessly integrates with the fabric of local communities, transcending traditional boundaries to deliver unparalleled experiences.

Our Core Values


Family-Friendly Focused: Emphasizing our commitment to providing a platform that is inclusive, safe, and enriching for guests and families alike. We prioritize content that is suitable for all ages, promoting a positive and welcoming atmosphere within the hospitality space. We strive and dedicate ourselves to contribute to the well-being and enjoyment of diverse family units in the communities we serve.

Unleashing Innovation and Ingenuity: At the heart of our philosophy lies a commitment to constant evolution as we cultivate an environment that embraces unconventional solutions, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and ensuring that creativity is the driving force behind every aspect of our digital endeavors.

Social Responsibility: We act as ethical stewards in our communities and beyond. Committed to initiatives that make a positive impact while ensuring our endeavors contribute to the greater well-being of society through a high level of trust, passion, and integrity.

Serving Our Partners: In our unwavering dedication to building relationships, we prioritize partners and guests alike. Through collaborative strategies, we ensure a guest-centric approach, enriching every experience as we deliver informative value, making each new destination a uniquely enriching journey for our guests.

Putting People First: Committed to prioritizing the well-being, satisfaction, and fulfillment of every individual we encounter. This principle guides our interactions with guests, partners, and team members alike. We believe in fostering authentic connections, understanding diverse needs, and going above and beyond to ensure that people's experiences are not only met but exceeded as we stay dedicated to enhancing the lives of those we touch, be it through our guest services, partnerships, or within our own team dynamics.

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